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  • We Breed Exceptional Rams 
    for Higher Quality & Higher Profits!


    2017 On Property Ram Sale 30th August 

  • We Breed Exceptional Rams from exceptional ewes
    for Higher Quality & Higher Profits!


    2017 On Property Ram Sale 3oth August


    Glen Park is situated in The Lachlan Valley, Gooloogong


    2017 On Property Ram Sale 3oth August

Welcome to Glen Park!

White Suffolk Rams For Sale

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2017 On Property Ram Sale 3oth August

  1. 2016 Lamb prices are a result of our detail to breeding quality
Robert with livestock agent Patrick Waters, Allan Gray & Co, Cowra

Robert was one of the founding members of Prime Lamb Genetics (PLG White Suffolks) who worked with Professor Euan Roberts and the University of NSW to develop the perfect genetic characteristics high fertility rates, ease of birthing, good maternal instincts, faster growing and well muscled lambs. Economical reasons were a priority as we were loosing too many lambs at birthing. As a prime lamb producer, Robert established his flock of White Suffolk rams, aiming to develop the ideal ram for his dual purpose meat and wool enterprise. Robert with other founding members produced the top genetics in males and females White Suffolk. From this flock we have been able to produce profit making sires for our commercial flock and now we are respected for some of the best presented rams for sale in the region.

Robert selects his sires from proven genetics. Sires from Anden, Depta Grove and Waratah, enable Robert to continually improve the quality of his stock and breed rams suitable for a variety of purposes to meet his clients’ needs. ‘Glen Park’ now breeds true White Suffolks to give producers the opportunity to buy rams for higher quality lambs and obtain better results in their own enterprise.



OJD Vaccinated, Bruscellosis accredited, Foot-rot free, Glanvac Pulphy Kidney Vaccinated and Drenched Q DrenchReady for joining.

Animal health check by Forbes Vet was completed on all rams full clearance.

We are proud of our rams and will not present for sale any ram that is not fully checked by Vet. for any problem how minor